It’s Mai Move

We are so happy to finally launch our first blog, alongside our brand new and fresh-faced website. We thought it is appropriate to introduce ourselves, but not before we say a big Thank You to FlipFlop design, who mastered the shapes and ideas of our website.  We think through this website,  you will be able to understand who we are and what we aim to do. If you’ve already had a scroll through our website, we’re sure you already have an idea, but just in-case you haven’t, we are a company focused on delivering two totally different ways of experiencing the Real taste of Japan.

Every single person involved in this project deserves a big round of applause, because we love what we do and we will be sharing our passion through this website and this blog.

From exciting launches, where you can find us next and trend updates, our blog will be a mixture of Japanese experiences, mostly based on food.

From our trips to Japan, we collected a lot of information and we would like to take you through different places and teach you how to enjoy the authentic Japanese food, so we will update our blog regularly. Be sure you come back!

Taste the Real Japan!