Mai Taiko – A real Japanese experience at Waitrose Sushi Counters

Mai Taiko are bringing a real Japanese experience to you through a number of Waitrose sushi counters across the country.

We are recreating the atmosphere from downtown Tokyo, bringing the art of sushi-making to your local store. Our sushi chefs have been taught by the best and are passionate about spreading their sushi love, one sushi counter at a time!

For the first-time customer, the world of sushi can be a bit scary but our friendly chefs are on hand to guide you through and introduce you to the real taste of Japan.

There are many traditional ways to prepare sushi and we specialise in three of them: oshi-zushi (pressed sushi), chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) and maki – zushi (rolled sushi).

Preparing sushi is a long process which requires skill and precision. Perfect sushi rice should be soft and fluffy and be slightly sticky so it doesn’t crumble in your hand – you don’t want to be wearing it! The fish must be fresh and brightly coloured and all the other ingredients have to be perfect too – so the combination of flavours is subtle and balanced.

Mai Taiko sushi counters prepare hand rolled sushi using ingredients delivered fresh to store every day.
We are waiting for you in Waitrose Greenwich, Farnham, Banbury and now in Portishead.


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